CLAUDINE is found barefoot dancing crazily to her Ipod.
ERNEST enters & stares at CLAUDINE a bit perplexed.
CLAUDINE opens her eyes and notices ERNEST. She pops out an               earbud, not hesitating in her dance.
CLAUDINE                         Wassup, dude?
ERNEST                         Oh, me? Nothing…Um…Sorry, I’ll                         be going now.
CLAUDINE                         No, no. I’m not freaked or                         anything. You can watch. Or you                         could join in.
ERNEST                         Yeah. About that. I don’t mean                         to…I mean…I don’t want to sound                         uppity or anything, but what                         exactly are you doing?
CLAUDINE                         Me?
ERNEST                         Well, I mean, well there’s not                         really anyone else here, is there?
CLAUDINE                         Oh. I guess you’re right. I just                         got caught up in the music, man.
ERNEST                         “The Music Man”?! That’s what                         you’re listening to?
CLAUDINE                         Is he a spinner?
ERNEST                         No. It’s a musical.
CLAUDINE                         Then, no. It’s this crazy trip hop                         music from The Roundhouse Kicks.
ERNEST                         So you’re just dancing to your                         Ipod?
CLAUDINE                         “Just dancing to my Ipod.” Nah,                         man. This. This is a cultural                         revolution.
ERNEST                         Dancing to your Ipod is?
CLAUDINE                         No. It’s the Silent Protest Rave.
ERNEST                         What are you protesting?
CLAUDINE                         The recession, man. I mean, I was                         just sitting there last Friday                         night, smoking a j, when I started                         thinking I really wanted a Mango                         Durango burrito from Burritoville.                         I mean, it was like the word from                         the 4th Dimension. It said…
ERNEST                         The 4th Dimension?
CLAUDINE                         That’s what I believe in.
ERNEST                         You believe in a concept?
CLAUDINE                         My Mom told me I should believe in                         something to straighten my life                         out, so I did my research and saw                         the tesseract on Wikipedia. Did you                         know you can like stare at that for                         hours and still be mesmerized?
ERNEST                         Well…I…I don’t actually know                         what a tes…
CLAUDINE                         Tesseract.
ERNEST                         What a tesseract is.
CLAUDINE                         Got an Iphone?
ERNEST                         Um. Yeah.
CLAUDINE                         Look that shit up.
ERNEST                         Now?
CLAUDINE                         Yeah, man. Now.
ERNEST looks it up on his Iphone. Claudine continues her               Silent Protest Rave.
ERNEST                         Wow. I can’t even wrap my head                         around this.
CLAUDINE                         See, it’s like God. That’s what I                         told my Mom, and she got off my                         case. Something about a lost cause.                             (Awkward beat as CLAUDINE                              continues her Silent                              Protest Rave)
ERNEST                         You never finished why you’re doing                         this Silent Dance Thingy.
CLAUDINE                         Silent Protest Rave.
ERNEST                         Yeah, that.
CLAUDINE                         Well, the 4th Dimension told me to                         get a mango durango burrito from                         Burritoville. And I went out at                         1045 at night to catch them before                         they closed at 11, right?
ERNEST                         Right.
CLAUDINE                         And the thing was gone. Because of                         the recession. I mean, I really                         needed that burrito, man.                         And I let the 4th Dimension down.                         (she starts to break down a                         little.) I don’t want to feel that                         pain again. (she recovers) FUCK THE                         RECESSION!! Join the Silent Protest                         Rave! (beat) Well, no one else is.                         So are you going to join me or not?
ERNEST                         How?
CLAUDINE                         By doing the 4th Dimension dance.                         Come on, man, I need you.
ERNEST                         Me?
CLAUDINE                         Yeah. Please, man.
Beat in which ERNEST becomes enraptured by CLAUDINE.
ERNEST                         What do I do?
CLAUDINE does a slo-mo roundhouse kick over ERNEST who               crouches and tumbles forward. CLAUDINE moves to the four               points of the square performing roundhouse kicks over ERNEST,               who mimics the movement of the inside square of the               tesseract. At one point, CLAUDINE accidently kicks ERNEST as               he tries to do a more intricate part of the tesseract. ERNEST               collapses.
CLAUDINE                         Oh my 4-D! Did my foot catch you?
ERNEST                         Yep. Just the tip.
CLAUDINE                         Oh, well, that’s not so bad. Where?
ERNEST                         Just the tip.
CLAUDINE                         Oh (awkward beat.) This is the                         resession’s fault! Bring back                         Burritoville!
ERNEST                         You know, there’s one on Water                         Street, right?
CLAUDINE                         No way!
ERNEST nods his head.
CLAUDINE (CONT’D)                         Well, sorry about the, you know.                         Um, peace. May the 4th Dimension                         transport you.
CLAUDINE’s gone.
ERNEST                         (to himself) But there’s no mango                         durango. (he laughs to himself on                         the ground. He puts his earbuds in,                         gets up and starts his own Silent                         Protest Rave as he exits.)