aMios Theatre Company presents


Shotz in Space Requirements:

1) Make use of the swingset in the middle of the space.

2) The quotes: “Beam me up, Scotty.” and “Engage!”

3) Some sort of space walk. This is Shotz in Space after all!

I.               “Dakota Fanning” by  Trent Caldwell & Jesse Paul Wilson

Director: Rob Hille

Actorz:  Joshua Coomer &  Maya Ferrara

II.             “This Playground is Depressing” by Matt Freeman

Director: Joseph Yeargain

Actorz: Alanna Wilson & Amy Kersten

III.           “The Final Frontier” by Kate MacCluggage

Director: Michael Fulvio

Actorz: Kristy Powers, Stephanie Cozart, & Khris Lewin

IV.           “Deep Space Galaxy Wonder” by John Behlmann

Director: Dana Reiland

Actorz: Lauren Berst & Emily Schmidt-Beuchat

V.             “The Evening News” by Joe Curnutte

Director: Jeff Lepine

Actorz: Kathleen Wallace & Rob Hille

VI.           “Sergei’s Sunday” by Joseph Yeargain

Director: Tom Rowan

Actorz:  Justin Yorio & Patrick Goss