BOSS Li.stenug, people. This occountis very importont to us. It moyseemobscure but if we con get dog ownersto think they con stort breeding their ownWestminsterchompsnext week, there’s no choncewe’re losing thi.s client.

J08 Whotobout my fish ideo?

BOSS Thotwasbullshit. Shutup right now,Job, olright. If we don’t keepthis occount,then weoin’t got jobs. Sogive me whot you got! Alri.ght, let’s toke this oroundthe room. (points to Concept.) We’ll stort with Concept.

CONCEPT The client’s invention is on ophrodisiocfor dogs. Noturolly, we foce the chollenge of convincing dog owners

pets oren’t horny enougholreody. Whotwe need consumersto want to see is…

BOSS Doglovin’.

CONCEPT Our job is to showthe good…

BOSS The sexy.

CONCEPT Right…”the sexy” in breeding their dogs.

KAREN And potentiotly the lucrative.


thot their


Yeoh,sex, money,power,it’s liking wherethis is heoding.Whot’sgonno’get,emthere? we needo nome- o goodnome.we needo fuckin’ goodncme. And, Job, I hopeto fuck your deportmentis going to deliver. Whotoyogot?


wekickedi.t oroundowhileondosfor osnomesgowewere thinking obout.. .PuppyLove.


PuppyLove?Huh. PuppyLove. I that just…

Art Dept. Weconworkwith thot.

never thought of



BOSS PuppyLove?Wow,Job, You’re reolly goodwith must hove gotten thot from your mother. Becauser knowfor o foct thot YOURnome,Job, would attroct ten million more hits thon PuppyLove! Wheredo I find you people?

CONCEPT Boss, don’t sweoti.t. A nomeis no problem.lilecon put our

heodstogether and figure it


BOSS Yeoh, put your heodstogether. So I con round housekick

you collectively. it? If we’re gonno’turn heads,if we’re gonno’get hits, we gotto let people knowwhot’s reolly going on here.

CONCEPT A m e n!

BOSS We’re tolking dog on dog oction. A loyol friend ond hts bitch mokingfuture perfection, the otd foshtonedway. Thereis o morkethere, folks. We’reselling the most

oll the something. f’m

You’re o bunchof slunts! Don’t your get

lucrotive product on eorth here.


BOSS Thot’s ri.ght, Rei.nholdt,,etcetero. Now, Job, you con do better thon thot.

JOB h, “Puppy Pimp?”

ARTDEPT. “l,lockmybitch up?t”

BOSS Yes, y€s, I think you’re getting the pi.cture, but hoveony of you ever modelove to o dog?

CONCEPT Should we hove?

BOSS Moybenot li.terolly, but cometo think of it, Job, that moy be your only chonce.

JOB Hey.

BOSS WhenI wos seven, I wos mountedby a pure Siberion Husky. Anyoneelse? Is that true of ony of you? l.4aybyeou’ll never understondthot row power. (B0SSsnops out of it) So, let’s it homepeople. Art Deportment. Youknowwhotpeoplewontto see.

ARTDEPT. Well, w€’vebeenworki.ngwith these, doggieKomoSutro poses.

BOSS T oo PG-13.We’vegot to toke it up o notch. I wont Penetrotion – bolls smockingon oss. Pure, unbridled, onimol possi.on.

ARTDEPT. Y ou meonun-muzzled.

BOSS No teeth.

JOB I don’t thi.nk we con legolly showfull penetrotion.

BOSS Just the tip?

JOB I don’t know.

BOSS Looki.nto i.t.

CONCEPT Well, I think we o11 hoveo lot to think obout. Let’s mull over the nomeond hove Literory get confirmotion from Legol about the fult on. Any lost thoughts, Chief?

BOSS Whotore you gonnogive meKoren?


BOSS Woof!!

ARTDEPT. Woof. (B0SSgrowls i.n ARTDEPT.’sfoce and she starts to growl


back rnoreond moreconvincingly.)

BOSS Let’s get to work