LongShotz Etc

Periodically we do longer shows.

2010 The NYCycle Vols. 1-4

by Steven Cole Hughes, John Behlman and Dan Loeser

– A year long process in which each writer created a 1/2 hour play every quarter

2011 LongShotzNYC


by Imogene Byrd, Justin Yorio and P. Seth Bauer


by Pat Shand, David L. Williams and Kate MacCluggage

2012 In The Meantime

by David L Williams

2013 There’s a Light on Yonder Mountain

by Stacy Davidowitz, Lindsay Joy Murphy, David Rosen & David L. Williams

2014 LongShotzSF

by Jon Wai-keung Lowe, Sabina Piersol, Conan Moats, Zoe Young, Jonathan Luskin and Jennifer Leblanc


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