The Code!

It’s called Shotz.  Call it Shotz and you can do it how we do it.

The idea is to simplify the production of new works and allow more people to create new work.  Theatre can really be saved if there are more voices coming from all parts of the country and walks of life.

Young, Old, Kings, Beggars…

If you use this please let us know.  If you need help please let us know.  Email

The basics:

  1. Get a space for one night and a run-through.
  2. Get 6 writers, 6 directors and at least 6 actors (you can do less if you need).  12-18 actors are ideal.
  3. Assemble groups (writer, director, actors).  The writers are assigned their casts.
  4. Send out an email. Include these items:
  • Timeline- 2weeks to write a 5 minute play, 2 weeks to rehearse (not more than 3 rehearsals).
  • Due dates for writers and call times for actors.
  • 3 themes and the casts for the writers to use.
  • A list of the groups with contact information.

Easy enough.

PS: Please don’t do things that are racist, sexist or otherwise prejudiced… besides politics because it’s theatre anyway.

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